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3 Tips to Avoid Winter Energy Bill Increase

There are many ways you can avoid energy bill spikes during the winter. As the temperature drops, it can have a huge impact on your business and the commercial utility bills will be affected the most. Your company will suffer from spiking energy costs every year and you would want to save every penny you … Continued

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What are the Benefits of Business Energy Contracts?

There can be many beneficial features of signing onto a business energy contract, however, what is a business energy contract. Well, it is the same electricity and gas that is powering your home but also powers your business. It belongs to the same source and travels through the same pipes and cables. In addition to … Continued

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Will Switching Energy Affect My Business Credit Rating?

When you switch your business energy supplier, you may be requested by the supplier to accept a business credit check. This is common if you are a new customer or if you cannot provide proof of your identity. Essentially, by performing credit checks, a supplier will be able to determine whether you are likely to … Continued

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Should SMEs Switch Energy Suppliers?

Running a small business comes with various challenges, such as managing cash flow, expenses, and the general financial responsibilities. Energy is one of the most essential resources that nearly all businesses require and with the prices of energy increasing, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. The statistics from Ofgem reveals … Continued

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How Do I Switch My Business Energy?

For businesses, managing expenses and saving on costs where necessary are both important parts of the successful running of a business. All businesses have one expense in common, and that’s the business electricity. There are many small businesses that are at risk of paying as much as 30% more for their energy than they would … Continued

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Should Businesses Use An Energy Broker

Whether you are a small business, medium business, or an enterprise, many businesses can benefit from using the services of a business energy broker. But what makes an energy broker so valuable to businesses? Keeping the recurring costs down for your business is an important part of maintaining a smooth operation. However, it can be … Continued

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Business Benefits of Switching Energy Suppliers

For many businesses, switching to a better energy deal is always a good option, especially if your business already has a lot of outgoings which could be potentially reduced. In the UK, there are many businesses that are not getting maximum value for their business energy deal. With the ability to compare business energy online, … Continued

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How To Get The Best Business Energy Deal

Businesses always have ongoing overheads and it’s important that sensible savings are made to ensure the successful running of a business. A great way to potentially save on costs is to review the business electricity contract and see if a better deal is available elsewhere. Finding the most suitable business energy deal can be quite … Continued

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