Energy Saving Tips For The Summer

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In this hot summer season, many businesses are looking for ways to save on their energy usage, especially when they have to keep their fans and air conditioning running all day to keep customers and employees comfortable. It’s important to remember that the slightest increase in warm temperatures may have an effect on your employee’s performance, so holding back on your cooling systems may not be the best idea. However, there are many other ways in which you can save on your business energy.

To help you prepare for the summer and keep your business energy costs low, here are a few tips for saving energy in the summer.


Reduce & Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

Reducing the amount of lighting used in your business during the sunny months can not only help reduce your electricity bills, but it can also contribute to a cooler building.

If you haven’t already switched out your older light bulbs, now may be a good time to think about doing so. Although there is an initial upfront cost of investing in energy efficient light bulbs, the cost savings and benefits that you will get in return is worth it.

Did you know that CFL bulbs or LED bulbs can cost roughly 70% less energy to operate compared to incandescent bulbs? Not only do these energy efficient light bulbs cost less to use, but they also last about 10 times longer.


Manage the Temperature

Your building is bound to get warmer during the summer season, so it’s important that you take control of the interior temperatures in your business to save on energy costs. You can effectively manage the temperature with a few simple steps.

If your building has many windows, ensure that you have adequate shade and blinds to reduce the amount of heat getting into the building. Using fans can also help your building maintain a more comfortable temperature, humidity, and air circulation. Better air circulation makes the warmer temperatures more bearable and the humidity more comfortable, without needing to use air conditioning which could be more expensive.

If you have an automated thermostat, then this can be very beneficial for saving costs. Simply automate your thermostat so it can set itself to the energy-efficient settings when there is no one in the building and this will help you save energy. You may also want to set the thermostat to be as close to the outside temperature for the biggest energy savings.


Using Appliances & Equipment Efficiently 

Appliances and devices are one of the main power consumers when it comes to business electricity. Not only do they use up a lot of electricity, but they can also generate heat which is not desirable during the summer months. Fortunately, there are some measures you can take to make sure that you are using your devices and appliances as efficiently as possible to save money.

Behavioural fixes such as getting into the habit of turning off devices completely when out of work hours and turning off lights when not in use, may take some time to get used to. However, these small things all add up in the long-term. You may even want to set an automated sleep function on your devices so that they can power off when not in use for an amount of time.


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