Should SMEs Switch Energy Suppliers?

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Running a small business comes with various challenges, such as managing cash flow, expenses, and the general financial responsibilities. Energy is one of the most essential resources that nearly all businesses require and with the prices of energy increasing, many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption. The statistics from Ofgem reveals that 40% of SMEs have not switched their energy supplier in the past five years, which means that they could be overpaying for their energy usage.


There May Be Cheaper Energy Deals

There are many small businesses that are at risk of paying as much as 30% more for their energy bill than they would if they had switched energy contracts or suppliers. If you own a small business, then it may be worth having a look and comparing your energy contract to see if you can find a more favourable deal.

Here at Compare Energy Online, we can help your small business save money on your energy bills. Our qualified savings experts can help you find the cheapest energy deals available from a range of reputable and top suppliers. Not only can we help you find the most favourable deal available, but we can also help you make the switch, so you can leave the tedious process to us. By using Compare Energy Online, you can save up to 60% against your initial renewal offer.


Switching is Simple

Switching your business energy contract is a relatively easy process. The switching process can be made even simpler and hassle-free if you use an energy broker. Many energy brokers not only help you find cheap business energy deals, but they can also initiate and manage the entire switching process for you. This means that you won’t have to be spending valuable time comparing the entire market for the cheapest deals and managing the switching process. To learn more about the processes involved in switching your energy deal or supplier, you can read our blog post here.


Reduce Your Energy Bills

The most obvious reason why SMEs should switch energy suppliers is that of the potential reduction in energy bills. For SMEs in a saturated market, it can be difficult to compete against others when you don’t have the right balance in expenses, such as energy bills. The cheaper the costs of energy for your business, the more money you will have to re-invest into your business. If your small business hasn’t compared or made a switch in the last five years, then it is definitely worth having look to see if you could be making a saving.


Compare Business Energy Online

If you’re looking for a new business energy supplier or if you would like to simply compare energy contracts online, then please fill out the business energy comparison form and leave it to our saving experts to find the most favourable deal for your business. In the meantime, if you have any questions or if you are unsure of what you are looking for, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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