Tips for Saving Energy in the Office

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Within an office, there may be several points of energy consumption, such as the lights in the office, devices, machines, and the equipment. Businesses that operate from an office may have significant energy usage and therefore it’s important to consider the different ways you could be saving electricity and ultimately, saving on costs. An office that is energy efficient may be able to save up to as much as 65% on its energy bills, which means that your business could be benefiting from this cost saving. To help you reduce your energy consumption in the office, here are a few tips that you may want to consider.


Identify Your Main Energy Consumers

To help you get on the right tracks for a more energy efficient business, you should begin by identifying which parts of the office is using the most energy. Not only will this give you insights into the main energy consumers, but it also enables you to make informed decisions on where you should cut down on energy usage. For a more convenient method, you could use a third-party company to provide an energy audit on your premises. Energy audits are essential for identifying exactly how you can reduce your consumption.


Compare Business Electricity Deals

If your business has already reduced its office electricity usage down to the minimum, but you are still finding that the energy bill is too expensive, then you may want to compare business energy deals and consider switching if you find a more favourable deal. Did you know that there are many small businesses that are at risk of paying as much as 30% more for their energy than they would if they had simply compared other energy contracts? With this in mind, it’s definitely a good idea to at least have a look and compare to see if there are any favourable deals out there that suit your office requirements. You can compare your business electricity here.


Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is a fantastic way of saving electricity and costs. Although there may an upfront cost of switching your lighting in the office, the savings that you will make in the long term will be worth it. According to the British Gas, your office can save up to 15% if you have installed energy efficient lighting. If your office is still utilising older incandescent bulbs, then it might be worth considering investing in energy efficient lights, such as LED lights. LED lights consume less electricity and they are also much safer than incandescent lights as they do not get as hot.


Utilise Lower Meter Rates

By understanding the meter that you are on can help you to establish an energy efficient workplace. If your electricity supplier has a two-rate meter that has time periods with much lower rates, then you can take advantage of the lower rates. You can delay the most electricity consuming tasks until you are in the lower rate meter and then reduce the electricity consuming tasks when you are back on the regular meter. This can effectively help you save on costs.


Be Mindful of Equipment & Devices

Turning off any equipment that you don’t need to use may be an obvious point but consider the number of computers, devices, equipment, and appliances that are in your office. There is a cumulative effect of all the appliances and devices that may be using up electricity without you even knowing. Switching off all equipment during non-work hours and weekends may help you see savings on electricity.


Compare Business Energy Online

If you’re looking for a new business electricity deal or simply want to compare electricity contracts online, then please fill out the business energy comparison form and leave it to our saving experts to find the most favourable deal for your business. In the meantime, if you have any questions or if you are unsure of what you are looking for, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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