Tips for Staying Energy Efficient in Winter

Image of light bulbs in the Winter

The seasonal changes can come very quickly, in this case, the transition between from fall to winter will be here before you know it. This will mean that freezing temperatures will be creeping up on the UK homeowners. So, this is why we have decided to put tips together on ways to stay energy efficient during the chilly months, especially in the winter.


Tune your Heating System 

One tip is to tune and maintain your heating system, so when the temperature becomes icy you should make sure your heating system is operable. Your heating system has to be prepared for the winter weather so it best to make sure it is functioning correctly. In addition to this, it is energy efficient because you are regularly servicing your heating system’s life, therefore it extends the life of your heater. So, have your heating system serviced and ensure it is prepared to work before the winter temperature drops.


Have Clean Air Filters

Replacing dirty air filter can help reduce your energy bills further since having dirty air filters can affect the heater’s efficiency, resulting in increased energy consumption. In addition to this, if your air filter is blocked, then the air flow will be reduced causing the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) unit to work more than usual. This will mean that you are staying energy efficient if you have clean air filters as the HVAC won’t be working so intensely. It is best to check your air filters every month, especially during the winter season as that is when the air filters will be most used. Also, having clean air filters means you will have healthy indoor air quality. Since clogged filters won’t be able to clean and filter pollutants.


Prevent Cold Air 

The best way to stay energy efficient is to prevent heat from escaping. No one wants to pay for escaped heat on their energy bill. You can stay energy efficient and save money by keeping the drafts to a minimum. So, it is best to check areas for escaping the heat this includes the attic, windows, doors, and basement.


Reduce the Temperature on the Water Heater 

A water heater is one of the largest energy expenses in your home. The best way to be energy efficient with a water heater is to just reduce the temperature on your water heater to a warm setting. Reducing the temperature is one way to make your water heater energy efficient.  However, if your water heater is old and outdated then it might be time to invest in a newer energy efficient model.


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