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    Why You Need to Compare Business Electricity Rates

    Electricity is a vital utility for any business building, whether you work in an office with computers, or you work in a café with fridges and fryers.
    There’s a myriad of business electricity suppliers available, they all offer differing prices for their business energy. The huge range of prices out there for business power is vast, and if you don’t do your research, you may end up spending a lot more than necessary.

    We simplify the process of finding a great business electricity deal for you, and we always promise to find the cheapest business electricity rates possible in your area, just type in your postcode and find the best business electricity prices available in your area.

    After you have done that, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the best possible deal available to you, we make it extremely easy to get the best electricity rates so that you can focus on maximising your profits and let us focus on minimising your expenses.


    Small Business Electricity

    We understand that if you’re a small business owner then keeping the cost of your business’ electricity usage to a minimum is extremely important for the success and security of your small business. We are proud to have helped a huge number of small businesses find electricity deals that they otherwise wouldn’t have even known were available.

    Helping small businesses is extremely important to us. If you’re a small business owner managing a project that you’re passionate about, we want to make the process easier for you. Allow us to find your perfect small business electricity deal so that you can focus on making your business thrive whilst having the confidence of knowing that we’re keeping this side of things as efficient and cost effective as possible.


    The Best Business Electricity Suppliers

    At Compare Energy Online our main goal is to find you the very best deal possible for your business’ energy needs. To find you the best electricity deal we have partnered with some of the very best energy providers in the UK. Once you enter your postcode our saving experts will search live data and filter through a vast array of deals until we find the one that is perfect for you.

    All our electricity suppliers are trusted names with shining reputations, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality service for a cheap energy price. Through us, you can have both.

    We Compare You Save - How It Works


    We Talk

    You tell us about your business and the electricity contract – or contracts – you are interested in switching.


    We Search

    Our saving experts search live information and tell you about your contract options using words you’ll understand.

    You Save

    When you’ve decided what you want to do, we’ll set up your new contract and leave you to get back to running your business. Easy.


    What are Standing Charges and Unit Costs?

    Business energy costs consist of two separate charges, the first of these charges is called a standing charge. A standing charge is a flat rate that you will always pay each day for as long as you are still within your contract period. The standing charge is completely unrelated to the amount of electricity you are using and as such, cannot be affected by usage.

    The second charge is called unit cost. These charges are directly linked to the amount of electricity your business is using. Unit cost is the price that you will have to pay for each unit (kWh) of electricity you use.

    We save you money by ensuring that we offer you the best business electricity deals with the lowest possible standing charges and unit costs possible in your location. By ensuring that both charges are kept at a low price we can save you very substantial amounts of money throughout the year.


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